Welcome to Myosyn Industries

Myosyn Industries is a 100% Australian owned business that manufactures and markets functional ingredients to the domestic and international food industries.
Established since 1988, we have over 25 years experience in the development of innovative ingredient solutions for the food industry.
Our Head Office and R&D laboratory are located in Brisbane, Australia and our strong focus on technology, together with extensive industry experience, allows rapid turn around for the development of new products.

Processed Meat

We cater for your individual requirements from Traditional European style Smallgoods products to “cutting edge” high extension Ham Cures. Our range covers: Smallgoods seasonings and complete premixes Ham Cures Reformed meat cures and premixes Bacon cures Fresh sausage… Read More

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Poultry Products

We have many years experience in the processed poultry industry and have a wide range of products to suit your application. Our range of poultry products includes: Smallgoods seasonings and complete premixes. Pumping marinades. Batter and Crumbing combinations…. Read More

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Sprinkles, Rubs & Glazes

We have developed an extensive range of sprinkles, rubs and glazes for use on red meat, fish and poultry. The glazes may be added to water to produce a sauce, or meats may be tumbled with dry glazes… Read More

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