Myosyn Advantage

Myosyn premixes offer numerous advantages to our customers. By blending and packaging all the ingredients you need into one unit, we can help you…

Improve product development:

With qualified technical support, Myosyn can quickly turnaround new formulations during product development.

Reduce labour costs:

Batching by the manufacturer is simplified with a single blend incorporating multiple ingredients.

Improve Ingredient confidentiality:

Using a complete premix eliminates the possibility of proprietary information being compromised.

Increase output:

Faster batching means increased output.

Reduce equipment costs:

No need to purchase ingredient blending equipment.


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(07) 3868 2377

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+ 61 7 3868 2377

Our Strengths

Manufacturers and Suppliers of innovative ingredient solutions
Comprehensive range of top quality products with expert technical support
Up to date international trends through network of global suppliers
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