Sprinkles, Rubs & Glazes

We have developed an extensive range of sprinkles, rubs and glazes for use on red meat, fish and poultry.

The glazes may be added to water to produce a sauce, or meats may be tumbled with dry glazes to add flavour and colour. Sprinkles and rubs may be used to flavour and season meats and as a décor to enhance appearance.

Our range includes:

  • Course textured sprinkles and rubs in a variety of flavour themes.
  • Glazes suitable for all types of value added meat products.
  • Dry marinades with good adhesion and high visual appeal.
Close-up of steaks cooked over a barbecue grill

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24 Industry Court Eagle Farm 4009 Qld, Australia


(07) 3868 2377

International Phone

+ 61 7 3868 2377

Our Strengths

Manufacturers and Suppliers of innovative ingredient solutions
Comprehensive range of top quality products with expert technical support
Up to date international trends through network of global suppliers
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